Solar Shed

Proposed By:

Alex Miller (Student) & Daniel Bowan (Staff) - Campus Recreation Center

Completion Date:

Spring 2013

Summary of Project:

"Ultimately our goal with this project is to create an off the grid intramural office down at the 4-Diamond Sports Complex. As of now all the office work is done within the rec center and then transferred back and forth between the two places. Although having the office would not eliminate all these issues, we would be able to accomplish a wide variety of office work such as; manage live scoring and stats for the participants and create ways for the intramural officials to clock in electronically therefore eliminating unneeded paper use. Having the mobile office down at the field would also enable us to look up contact information of all the participants and inform them of schedule changes or cancellations due to inclement weather. We could also verify student eligibility. Our largest goal with this project though is to reduce carbon emissions, educate the student body of sustainable energy, and not have to tap into the current electrical system. Finally we would be able to reduce our paper use by having our employees log in electronically." - Taken from the original proposal under Executive Summary.


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