Smart Clock Irrigation

Smart Clock Irrigation: A Pilot Study
by Mike Lopez and Brenda Bland
UCCS Staff


The University Hall Smart Clock Project is a pilot program to determine if the technology can reduce our usage and cost of water. A smart clock connects via the internet to weather stations in order to utilize current weather conditions in controlling the irrigation system. It can auto-adjust when there is wind or rain to avoid wasting water during these times.

Smart clocks have the ability to shut down
and adjust wat
ering times automatically based off weather data that is gathered every 60 seconds from a weather station.
A smart clock provides the ability to
control the irrigation system from either a laptop or smart phone. If any problems or leaks are detected by the smart clock, it will send out an email and a text message to alert of the problem and location, as well as the urgency of the situation.  If a major leak were to occur, the smart clock interacts with the master valve to completely shut down the irrigation system potentially saving hundreds to thousands of gallons of water that could be lost during a water main break. 

This project is designed to reduce wasted water, as well as assist in lowering water usage and cost. The overall goal and purpose of this project is to conserve water and reduce the cost of water on the university, which is increasing at a rate of 12% annually.