Showerhead and Sink Aerator Retrofit

Proposed By:

Jonathan Toman (Student) & Mary Eisele (Student)

Completion Date:

Summer 2013

Summary of Project:

"This project’s main goal will be to reduce the amount of water used on the campus of UCCS. Water is by no means a commodity in the western United States, and the less we use of it, the better. We can be an example to both other universities and individual businesses and homes. Also, the other, not so measurable goal will be awareness among the student body as a whole. If they are aware of the possibilities regarding low-flow shower-heads, they could pass that information on to others, thus creating a snowball effect. We would like to retrofit all the shower-heads in Summit Village with low-flow versions to help save water. If a full scale change is not possible, we would like to see one dorm building switched at least. We are looking into the option of replacing the old shower heads with the new ones planned for the new dorms; however, these may not be the best or most economical. We are therefore still in the process of ascertaining which model would be best for our purposes. Currently, the shower heads in the Summit Village Dorms are listed at 2.5 gallons per minute. The proposed shower-heads in the new dorms are listed at 1.5 gallons per minute. There are 218 units in Summit Village, which makes an average of around 31 per dorm building." - Taken from the original proposal under Executive Summary.

Image/s: Actual sign can be seen in main entrance of Monarch

Showerheads in Summit