Alternative Lighting Project: LEDs in Classrooms

Misha and Polina in flourescent with LED bulb

February 14th, 2012: Misha and Polina submitted a proposal to the Green Action Fund to purchase 48 LED lights to retrofit a classroom on campus. 

April 27th, 2012: Columbine 317 is retrofitted with LED lights. Misha and Polina surveyed half of the classes that use the room before the switch, and the other half after. The surveys were identical, asking a series of questions of individual perceptions of the light.

study snip

12/10/2012: Misha and Polina submitted first draft of the LED lighting Perceptions study. 

Rating Graphs

Initial findings suggest equal satisfaction with Fluorscent (1) and LED (2) lighting based upon similar Likert Scale (0-10) ratings for lighting satisfaction, glare and brightness.

LEDRoomWithMonarch               Flourescent>         Flourescent room with Monarch                       

December 14th, 2012: Jim  and Justin from Monarch 360 came out to scope the bulbs and electrical connections after dissatisfaction with lighting brightness was expressed. We discovered the purchased bulbs were an outdated form of LED technology, in which hundreds of tiny LED bulbs were strung together within the light cylinder. These T8 120 watt LED bulbs still use less electricity than fluorescents, but in the long term have been found to be inferior to current technology.