Forster Hydration Station

Proposed By:

Phillip Morris (Staff) and Heather Kling (Staff) - Department: Veteran and Military Student Affairs

Completion Date:

Spring 2014

Summary of Project:

"The overall purpose of this project is to reduce the waste footprint of this office and the UCCS Campus. Currently the Forster House has no water dispensing unit other than a standard sink. Bottled water is often brought in by employees or clients. With a permanent staff of two, thirteen student workers and over 1,000 customers each semester, this is a sizable amount of plastic. A hydration station would promote using refillable water bottles and also reduce the amount of time it takes for staff and customers to find an area to refill a water bottle or to purchase other beverages. Currently, the nearest hydration station is located at Dwire Hall. Often, due to the amount of customers that we interact with on a daily basis, the employees do not have the time to walk to Dwire Hall and return. Also, many of our clients have some sort of disability and may not be able to access another hydration station or retail market. Having a hydration station besides being sound practice in sustainability for the workplace, also gives us a chance to promote education in reducing one’s ecological footprint. In closing, our objectives for this project are: to reduce waste at the Forster House: to provide a means for customers and employees to access water more easily; to increase efficiency in the workplace; to educate our student population and staff and to provide easier accessibility to our clients who have disabilities." - Taken from original proposal under Executive Summary


Forster House