Bike Repair Station

Proposed By:

Carole Huber (Faculty) - Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

Completion Date:

Spring 2013

Summary of Project:

"In order to encourage and support alternative transportation to and on campus, our proposal requests funding to install a self-service bike repair station near University Center and an additional stand-alone bicycle air kit pump add-on for an existing bike rack that would service both the dorms and Columbine Hall. Bike repairs stations are an increasingly popular campus action to encourage bike ridership. (AASHE Bulletin) UCCS Objectives and Status: Transportation from commuting accounts for 30.8% of UCCS’ greenhouse gas emissions, second only to electricity emissions. According to a 2004 UCCS transportation survey, 87% of the campus community commutes to campus in single occupancy vehicles (SOV). With limited public transportation options, bicycling offers the best alternative to reduce SOV trips to campus and resulting carbon emissions. (UCCS 2012 Climate Action Plan) The proposal helps address the following UCCS Sustainability Strategic Plan objective, “Create a pedestrian and bicycle oriented campus that provides alternative transportation options and reduces the overall greenhouse gas emissions from trips to and from the University,” and target, “Create a more pedestrian and bicycle friendly campus through improved infrastructure.” (UCCS 2007 Sustainability Strategic Plan) To support cyclists UCCS has increased the number of bike racks, installed a limited number of bicycle lockers and shower facilities, started a bike rental program and provided tool kits at the UC and U Hall desks. The Rec Center bicycle repair shop, staffed with a student mechanic, services approximately 300 users/bikes per semester; however, the bike shop has limited operating hours: 2-6pm Monday - Friday. (Daniel Bowen, Manager of Outdoor Services, Intramural, & Club Sports) The Benefits: Creating support for a bicycle oriented campus will increase alternative transportation options and reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions. Added campus benefits include considerable cost avoidance by reducing the number of parking spaces and structures required, improved air quality, reduced traffic congestion, and increased safety. Additionally, it will help ensure a more attractive physical setting and provide a visible statement that we are a community that encourages and supports alternative transportation." - Taken from the original proposal under Executive Summary


Lower level of University Center near entrance to the Mosaic. Also a stand alone bike pump near the entrance of Columbine Hall.


Bike Repair Station