Completed Projects

Stay tuned for upcoming projects, updates and photos!

LED Retrofit- Are LEDs a suitable replacement for flourecent bulbs in classrooms?

Hydration Stations- Taking back the tap, one waterbottle at a time!

Smart Clock Irrigation - Integrating current technology to conserve water on campus!

Earth Day Tree Planting- Celebrating Earth by bringing life back to the Lower Plaza.

Heller Student Garden- What's in a garden beyond shovels, dirt and plants?

Bluffs Restoration- How we can give back to the bluffs without loving them to death!

Showerhead and Sink Aerator Retrofit- Conserving water one shower at a time!

Solar Shed - Keeping score of the game off the grid!

Wind Purchase - Electricity offset by the purchase of wind power.

CFL Retrofit - Saving energy one light bulb at time!

Hang Up & Hang Out Hammocks - Hang up and Hang out!

Bike Repair Station - Fix your ride with ease.

Take Back the Tap - Education through reusable waterbottles.

Bike Lock Program - Library has a lock for you to use!

Tree of Peace - Continuance of peace and harmony.

Campus Service Building Hydration Station - Supports Take Back the Tap Initiative

Forster Hydration Station - Supports Take Back the Tap Initiative

Solar Cart for Office of Sustainability - Transports waste as well as supports the Greenhouse transportation!

Solar Tables (3) - Charge your device utilizing the SUN!

Destiny Manifest - Environmental education achieved through high-impact visual art.








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