First Year Experience & Transfer Student Connections

Photos of success coaching in action

Welcome to UCCS. The transition to a new school can come as a surprise for many students, especially when it comes to academics. Students discover that they need to spend a lot more time studying and preparing for college classes. Every freshman and transfer student at UCCS has a success coach to help identify and develop skills to assist in the transition to college, both academically and personally.

What is a success coach? A success coach is a mentor who encourages, motivates, and connects students to campus-wide resources to help students:

  • connect to the campus community
  • improve academic effectiveness in and out of the classroom
  • develop leadership skills and potential
  • manage stress
  • boost self-confidence and establish goals for the future
Meet Our Staff

What can I expect during an appointment with my success coach? You can expect your success coach to spend some time getting to know YOU - what are your interests? what are you hoping to gain from your college experience? what classes are you excited about? what skills would you like to develop further? Your coach will help you set some goals for your first year of college and then will work with you to help you accomplish those goals and so much more!

To schedule an appointment with your success coach, please contact the Office of First Year Experience at 719-255-3570.