Transfer Student Success Stories
Many transfer students do not initially realize the impact that their experience at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs will have on their professional lives and the lives of others in the community. There are many examples of how UCCS helps to change the lives of students and the Colorado Springs community. The following student experiences illustrate the impact and how the time spent obtaining a degree at UCCS can positively impact a person's life.
Michelle Williamson Senior, Business Administration  Imagine taking a twenty-five year break between your freshman and sophomore years in college.  What would you do to successfully navigate those waters?  How would you adapt?  Following is my success story.  My name is Michelle Williamson; my major is Business Administration.  I began attending UCCS in the fall 2009 semester.  As a non-traditional student, returning to school felt somewhat overwhelming. My freshman year at North Dakota State University was twenty-five years earlier.  In order to make the transition easier, I attended every one of the workshops offered by the Office of First Year Experience.  This helped me brush up on study skills, goal setting, and time management techniques as they related to college life; plus it helped me feel more connected on campus.  I also took advantage of the student learning centers, as well as attended office hours with many of my professors.    As a result of the support I received from the Office of First Year Experience, I did very well academically my first semester.  I was invited to join the UCCS Peer Mentor Club in the spring 2010 semester.  Mentoring incoming freshmen has been very rewarding for me.  Besides mentoring, I am a member of the Training and Recognition Sub-Committee within the club, so I get to help to train new mentors too.  Through the Peer Mentor Club, I have had the opportunity to volunteer at two new student orientations and at the Transfer Student Conferences put on by the Office of First Year Experience.  My involvement with the UCCS Peer Mentor Club is one way I give back to the UCCS community.  I am also a member of the Alpha Lambda Delta honor society.  I have now completed two years at UCCS. Adapting to college has been more enjoyable than I imagined.  Besides being an official mentor as I mentioned above, I find myself being a role model in many situations.  For example, if I notice someone in a class who might appreciate some extra help, I offer to study together.  This is always a mutually beneficial arrangement.    Almost every class in the College of Business requires some amount of group work.  Because I am naturally very administrative, I typically step up and send emails with schedules and ideas that keep my group on track.   Finally, I love that there are so many non-traditional students at UCCS; it is fun to connect with them and share ideas for how to get everything done.     My short-term goal is to graduate with honors.   In the long term, I am looking at several career possibilities—maybe something in finance or management or maybe even start my own business.
Tom Cross Alumnus, Business Management  After a nine year hiatus from college life, Tom decided that his degree was important to him and decided to give college another shot. Beginning in the summer of 2007 Tom enrolled as a student at Pikes Peak Community College (PPCC). Tom learned that PPCC has a 60/60 transfer program which provides a gateway for students to earn their associates and then transfer to UCCS. As a junior, Tom was able to jump right in to the UCCS College of Business.  Tom earned his associates degree at Pikes Peak Community College in the fall of 2008 and began at UCCS in the spring of 2009. At first Tom was slightly intimidated by transferring to a University after becoming used to the community college scene. He overcame his fears and decided on an aggressive plan to graduate in the spring of 2010. To do this he had to take 22 credits in the spring of 2009, 9 credits in the summer of 2009, and 12 credits for the fall and spring semesters, respectively. While Tom thought this might be nearly impossible to accomplish he found that with the interim, spring break, and summer courses offered at UCCS this was very attainable and he was even able to make excellent grades with such a heavy load.  Tom also applied for scholarships and financial aid. He was awarded with a scholarship for transfer students called the Reisher Family Scholarship. With this generous award along with state and federal grants, his last three semesters of school were completely covered financially. Another important step that made Tom feel connected to campus at UCCS was to begin working on-campus, with the Office of First Year Experience as a part of his work-study award. Tom believes that students with work-study need to take advantage of the opportunities available to them - the opportunities are priceless.