Personalized Academic Coaching

Photos of planners and tests

The transition from high school to college can come as a surprise for many students, especially when it comes to academics. Students discover that they need to spend a lot more time studying and preparing for college classes. We offer personalized academic coaching to help you identify and develop skills to assist in your success as a scholar.

During your first session, your academic coach with complete an academic assessment with you. This will give both you and your academic coach an idea of what areas or subject matter you are doing well in and what skills you may want to develop a little more. This will give you and your academic coach the opportunity to create an academic plan full of helpful resources and tips to help you become more confident in your ability to be successful academically.

To schedule an appointment with an academic coach, please contact Dr. Barbara Gaddis (719-255-3688) or Ellen Burkart, M.S. (719-255-7551).