Academic Support

The Office of First Year Experience and Transfer Student Connections wants all students to achieve academic success. We believe that with the right support system and through skill development students can reach their academic goals.

Our office provides academic support in a variety of ways through interactive workshops, mentoring, and personalized academic coaching. If you are struggling in any of your classes, or would simply like to develop some new study skills, please feel free to contact us.

Interactive            Workshops  We offer a series of free, interactive workshops to help you develop and improve skills to be academically successful.  Workshop topics include: •	Time management •	Study skills & test-taking •	Discovering your learning style Academic                Coaching  The transition to college can come as a surprise for many students, especially when it comes to academics. Students discover that they need to spend a lot more time studying and preparing for college classes. We offer personalized academic coaching to help you identify and develop skills to assist in your success as a scholar. Early Alert  & Grade Recovery  We collaborate with faculty to let us know when students are not doing well in their classes. When students show up in our Early Alert system, we connect them with an academic coach and other support services to help them get back on track to reach their educational goals.

Click here for information on the academic centers for excellence Tutoring & Extra Instruction  UCCS offers a variety of free tutoring and extra instruction to help students gain a better understanding of the material they are learning.   Tutoring is primarily available through the Centers for Academic Excellence although some departments do offer course specific tutoring. Academic Skills          & Study Tips  While going to class is one of the best ways to be successful in college, there are a variety of other skills that can certainly help you. We have created a plethora of helpful handouts and tips to aid in your skill development.