Summer Bridge

UCCS Summer 2014 Summer Bridge Program
...a one-week program that will help you to prepare for the demands of college- level math, science and engineering (STEM) coursework and studies  

What is the Summer Bridge?

The program is designed to provide some extra care and attention that will help you to succeed with this important life step. Each year many of our entering students are challenged by the demands in the areas of math, science and engineering. Bridge will give you a mid-semester experience to allow you to evaluate your needs and prepare for the upcoming fall semester, well ahead of your other classmates.

You'll be working with a group of UCCS faculty and staff whose attention will be focused on you and a small group of 29 other students for one week.  Ultimately, this is a small investment of your time to better prepare you for four years of study and a college degree. Plus there will be plenty of time for meeting new friends, going on field trips, exploring campus, and exploring fun, science-related, activities.

Why should you participate?

  1. Immediately get plugged into a group of like-minded peers in similar majors and experiences. This is the number one way to be successful in a STEM major. 
  2. Get connected to successful junior and senior STEM students who can help you navigate the challenges of the first year on campus. 
  3. Get to know faculty members in your college and major to understand what professors expect and how they run their classes. 
  4. Receive peer and mentor support throughout your first semester through a freshman seminar class tailored to address the challenges you will face in your STEM major. 
  5. Develop a greater understanding of how college classes work and the average work-load for a STEM major during your freshman year. 
  6. Learn how to develop a growth mindset that will help you learn from the challenges and set-backs normal to STEM majors. 
  7. Have a blast getting to know UCCS and Colorado Springs through field trips, activities, games, and outdoor adventures.   

Cost: A $25 application fee is required but all other housing, meal, and program costs are free for participating students (students must be admitted as entering freshmen at UCCS for the summer or fall terms 2014)
When: Sunday, August 10th to Saturday, August 16th
Where: UCCS Campus. Students will be housed in University residence halls and eat in on-campus cafeterias. Students are not required to live on-campus for the fall semester

For more information, contact Anthony Trujillo at 719-255-3299 or email