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All undergraduate students need to submit the following:
♦ An application
♦ A $50 application fee
♦ A high school transcript or GED certificate
♦ ACT or SAT tests scores (unless you are a transfer student with over 12 hours of transferrable courses)
♦ All transcripts from previously attended colleges and universities

UCCS Office of Admissions
1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway
Colorado Springs, CO; 80918

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Application Frequently Asked Questions

Admissions Requirements
UCCS does not have minimum GPA or ACT/SAT requirements. We evaluate your candidacy based on these scores and grades in relation to one another. The chart below will show you your candidacy. If you land in the gold portion of this chart you will have a strong chance of being admitted to UCCS. If you fall in the blue or the black section of this chart, you still have a chance at admission but we are going to require more information from you to make our decision.

If you are a transfer student, we look at your transferable courses (at least 13 hours) and college GPA to determine admission.  Each major has different GPA requirements for entry into that program.

For Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) tuition - Freshman applicants must meet the 92 index to qualify for WUE.  Transfer students (13 or more transferable hours) must have a 2.4 GPA.  The student must meet residency requirements of a participating state and nursing majors are not eligible.

 To strengthen your chances of admission, you can also submit:

        ♦ A personal essay explaining your academic history and why you will be successful at UCCS
        ♦ Recommendation letters from teachers/instructors who can speak to your work as a student

Click chart for Admissions Criteria based on ACT (all sub-scores without the essay), SAT (math and verbal only) and GPA Click chart for Admission Criteria

Recommended Application Timeframes
At UCCS, you can apply 1 year in advance of the semester in which you wish to start.  For Fall applicants, we begin accepting applications in September.  For Spring, we accept applications in March of the previous year.  For Summer, you can apply as early as December of the previous year.  UCCS has rolling admissions and students can apply up to the start of the term, but it is highly recommended to apply as early as possible.

Colorado Asset
1. What is Colorado Asset?

Asset law allows for undocumented Colorado students to acquire in-state tuition rates, COF, and institutionally or privately funded aid. It does not qualify students for federal/state grants and loans.

2. How can I qualify?
a. Student must attend a Colorado high school for at least 3 years
b. Student must graduate from a Colorado high school or obtain a GED
c. Student must submit the affidavit located on the COF site
d. Student must enroll in a Colorado institution of higher education within 12 months of high school graduation or GED

Learn more about the Colorado Asset                   OR                  Contact our CO Asset Liaison
                                                                                                                           Ariadna Coffman
                                                                                                                           (719) 255-3038


After you apply to UCCS
After you have submitted your application and the Office of Admissions has received everything needed for your application file, we will process your file and prepare it for review.  All applicants go through our Admissions Committee for review and then a decision is made.  Once the decision is made, you will be informed via email and a mailed letter immediately.  The whole application process can take from 2 to 4 weeks.

Click here to learn about how UCCS accepts Advanced Placement (AP) achievements.
Click here to learn about how UCCS accepts International Baccaluareate (IB) achievements.

After you're admitted to UCCS
After you are admitted to UCCS, you will begin receiving follow-up next-step information via mail, e-mail and phone calls.  We recommend you start learning about them as soon as you can as it will make the processes easier:

♦ Please check out The Mountain Lion Checklist for a complete list of "to-do's" once you're admitted to UCCS.
♦ If you are planning to live on the UCCS campus, please visit our Office of Residence Life and Housing for application information about living on campus.
♦ Please visit our Office of Financial Aid to find information about loans, grants, work study and scholarships.
♦ All new degree-seeking students are required to attend an Orientation session.  To see the days and times of these sessions, please visit our Orientation page.

Graduate Admissions
Graduate Programs and Application Deadlines
Applying to a Graduate Program
Online Application
Financing Graduate Education
General Information for Prospective Students
Contact us to schedule a tour or for additional information at or 719-255-3072