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Dave Anderson, FRC Director and Zek Valkyrie, 2014 ITTA Award Recipient

Zek Valkyrie, Department of Sociology
March 14, 2014

Please join us in congratulating Dr. Zek Valkyrie, Department of Sociology, as this year's recipient of the Innovations in Teaching with Technology Award.  
The award was presented at a luncheon on Friday, March 14 from 12:15-1:30 in University Center room 122. Dr. Valkyrie will gave a brief presentation on how he incorporates "gamification" to encourage student engagement in learning.

Dr. David Anderson, FRC Director, presents the 2013 Innovations in Teaching iwht Technology Award to Dr. Andrew Subudhi

Andy Subudhi, Department of Biology
January 25, 2013

Dr. Andrew Subudhi, Associate Professor of Biology, was recognized as this year's recipient of the Innovations in Teaching with Technology Award. The Innovations in Teaching with Technology Award recognizes innovative teaching practices through the use of technology on this campus. Dr. Subudhi was presented with the award by Dr. David Anderson, Director of the Faculty Resource Center, which included an engraved crystal and red sandstone award and a check for $1000.

As a part of his award presentation, Andy used a strategy borrowed from his teaching: a demonstration of physiology in action with state of the art clinical and research equipment. He placed electrodes on the head of a volunteer from the audience and displayed the readout of vital signs on the computer monitor. With this visualization, he was able to teach everyone in the audience some of the principles of physiology regarding heart rate and carbon dioxide intake. Andy was an early adopter of lecture capture technologies which include videotaped lectures and voice-over screen capture videos that he posted in his Blackboard courses. He recounted to the audience how streaming video and web technologies - in addition to good old-fashioned teaching practices - allowed him "to share my enthusiasm outside the walls of the classroom and show students exactly why I find physiology so fascinating." Congratulations Dr. Subudhi!


The Innovations in Teaching with Technology Award recognizes innovative teaching practices through the use of technology, including the integration of technology and pedagogy, the novel use or adaptation of technology, or creative contribution to one's academic discipline. Specific requirements are that the candidates:

  1. Be regular faculty members (tenure or non-tenure track) who are employed at least half-time
  2. Have been teaching at UCCS during the prior academic year
  3. Have been actively using technology in teaching and learning


  1. Anyone may nominate the candidate; self-nominations are accepted.
  2. Supporting materials are to be assembled by the nominator and must include:
    1. The nominating letter
    2. A narrative (double-spaced, 1000-word maximum) of the candidate's use of technology in teaching, written by the candidate, that documents at least one of the following: the integration of technology and pedagogy; the novel use or adaptation of technology; creative contribution to one's academic discipline
    3. The candidate's curriculum vitae
    4. Samples of the use of technology to include but not limited to a website, a program that was created by the nominee, or selected screen captures of materials that illustrate the innovative use of technology and its impact on student learning
    5. Two letters from students whose learning was directly impacted by the innovative application; the student support letters should specifically address how their learning benefited from the technology-enhanced experience
    6. Additional letters may be submitted; up to two letters from other users or beneficiaries of the application should demonstrate direct knowledge of the nominee's qualifications for the award and should address the award criteria
  3. The supporting materials should be assembled, saved as a PDF file and emailed to David Anderson at danderso@uccs.edu.

This award emphasizes innovative uses of technology in teaching. Contributions may include innovative integration of an application or medium into teaching, instructional methodologies that utilize technology as a primary teaching source, or teaching in new learning environments such as mobile learning.

Nomination Deadline - Friday, February 20, 2015


The winner of the Innovations in Teaching with Technology Award will receive a $1,000 stipend, which may be taken either as additional pay (minus taxes) or as a professional development fund, and $1,000 for technology expenditures. The winner of this award will give a presentation at the Innovations in Teaching with Technology Award luncheon on March 13, 2015.


Funding for the Faculty Award for Excellence in Research is provided by the Faculty Resource Center.

Questions? Contact: David Anderson, Faculty Resource Center Director

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