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Blackboard Collaborate Showcase

Blackboard Collaborate posterApril 9, 2013

Jackie Crouch, Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Recorded Session

iPads for Teaching and Learning

iPads posterMarch 15, 2013

Kathy Andrus, Faculty Resource Center
Jackie Crouch, Beth-El College of Nursing and Health Science

Handout – Using iPads for Engaged Teaching and Learning

Transforming Learning: A Scary Goal for Student and Faculty

Charles Benight imageApril 27, 2012

Charles C. Benight, Department of Psychology

Education is first and foremost about relationship!

In this session I will demonstrate a relational empowerment teaching approach in sharing results from a study of senior seminar students in a trauma psychology course. Come if you dare.

Archived Powerpoint

Hear it from the Experts

February 22, 2012

Hear it from the Experts

January 10, 2012

Teaching Online Series: Leveraging Groups for Engaged Learning

  • Setting Up Cooperative Groups in an Online Course - Regina Winters, School of Public Affairs
  • Teaming Online Students in Case Assignments - Dr. Monique Dooley, College of Buisness

Archived Recording

Visualizing the Future: How Augmented Reality can empower faculty, inspire students,
and bring ideas to life in the classroom

Craig Kapp imageArchive presentation available by logging into Blackboard (bb.uccs.edu). Click on the Community Tab. Click on Teaching and Learning Center Online, then Announcements.

Imagine being able to rotate around the solar system, navigate through a data set in 3D, and interact with a simulated ecosystem - all from the palm of your hand. With Augmented Reality, it's possible! Augmented Reality (AR) is a technique through which 3D virtual objects can be overlaid onto the "real world" in real-time, using nothing more than a home computer or a mobile device. In this session we will explore various educational uses of augmented reality including scientific simulations, digital storytelling, assistive technology and data

About Guest Speaker, Craig Kapp: Craig Kapp (M.P.S, New York University, M.S. The College of New Jersey) is an interactive developer who has spent over ten years working to find ways to bring cutting edge technologies into educational settings. Craig recently founded ZooBurst LLC, a web-based startup that focuses on bringing augmented reality digital storytelling tools into classrooms around the world.

June 1, 2011

Session 4: What does it take? – Online Teaching Experiences of UCCS Faculty

  • During this session, listen to UCCS online experts talk about their online teaching experiences and get your own questions answered about online teaching.

May 26, 2011


May 12, 2011

  • Ten Simple Design Considerations that Engage Students in Your Online Course - Sharon Stevens and Scott Switzer

    It is essential to engage your students and make your online course as interactive as possible. During this session we will discuss ten considerations when creating an online course or when converting a face-to-face class for the online environment.

May 10, 2011

January 11, 2011

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