FMAC Funding Proposals

Faculty Minority Affairs Committee (FMAC) Diversity Grant Guidelines

A standing committee of the Faculty Assembly, each fiscal year FMAC is allocated funding to help achieve FMAC goals of recruitment, retention, and support of minority faculty. A portion of this money will be used to fund research and campus activities that promote diversity and inclusiveness with emphasis on racial/ethnic issues in research, community engagement, and teaching. Funding is open to all UCCS faculty and staff. The individual applicant is responsible for completing ALL necessary paperwork related to the event, project, or visitor. FMAC support resulting from the proposal, if granted, is strictly financial unless otherwise agreed upon. Funds will be forfeited if the applicant does not effectively follow university and FMAC protocol regarding their event. Finally, if funds are awarded FMAC should be acknowledged as a sponsor.

FMAC offers Diversity Grants in the following two funding areas:

  • Professional Development  this category includes, but is not limited to, travel for research or conference presentations, access to archives, research assistance or transcription, or minor equipment purchases. Applications in this category should demonstrate how the event or activity impacts the applicant’s career trajectory.
  • Academic Programming & Curriculum  this category includes, but is not limited to, on-going programs, bringing speakers to campus, activities, or workshops as well as developing new or enhancing existing courses. Applications in this category should demonstrate how the event or activity impacts the campus in diversity and inclusion.

Submission Guidelines

  • Standard grants can receive a maximum award of $250. Proposals above $250 (up to a limit of $500) will require special justification.
  • Submit a description of the proposed activity (not to exceed 250 words) that highlights how the funds will promote issues of diversity and inclusiveness for faculty and how it adheres to one of the two funding categories. Proposals should be submitted through the FMAC web site:
  • The proposal should include a detailed budget and identify other sources of potential funding. Indicate how much funding is requested from FMAC and explain specifically how these monies will be used. If other sources of funding have been secured, please describe those as well.
  • Please indicate whether you have received an FMAC award in the past and when. Individuals who have not previously received an FMAC grant will receive preference.
  • Priority will be given in the following order: untenured faculty, tenured faculty, non-tenure track faculty, staff.
  • Calls for proposals will be circulated twice a year. Proposals must be submitted by the deadline stated in the call for consideration.
  • Funds must be moved into the proposer’s department speed-type by the end of June of the fiscal year that a grant is awarded or forfeit the funds.
  • All submitted proposals will be evaluated during an FMAC meeting. Committee members will make decisions on proposals according to objective criteria; proposals might not receive the full amount requested. Proposers will be asked to step out if attending the meeting that their proposal is evaluated.
  • FMAC chair will notify status of funding to the proposer via email after the FMAC meeting.

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