Support our Center
Support our center

Your donation can help to make a difference in the lives of young children and their families.

At the Family Development Center, a substantial portion of our parent body is comprised of university students. Juggling the demands of school, work, and parenting can be a challenge. Many low-income students are unable to afford quality child care. Although needy students may readily qualify for financial assistance to attend college, grants to assist with child care are more limited, creating a hardship for many parents who are seeking a degree. The Family Development Center has a two-tier fee schedule, offering a discount to all student and UCCS affiliate families. Additionally, a financial subsidy for child care is available to qualifying low-income students. You need not be a full-time student to qualify for assistance.

Your contribution to the Family Development Center Programs Fund helps to keep our child care fees reasonable for all student families, while ensuring early childhood quality standards are maintained. Your donation to the FDC Child Care Scholarship Fund provides direct child care assistance to qualifying low-income student families. Making quality child care accessible to students offers a double benefit, helping parents to complete their college degrees, while providing enriching early learning experiences for children.

To make a tax-deductible contribution, visit the website for the University of Colorado Foundation where you can choose to make your gift online. To designate your gift for the Family Development Center, make the following selections to navigate the site*:
1) Choose the "See A-Z Listing" option on the center, right-hand side of the page.
2) Click on the "F" in the alphabet listed immediately under the blue tabs.
3) Find the Family Development Center name in the "F" listings and click on it.
4) Enter gift amount. In the comments, you may designate what you want your scholarship to be used for.
* You can also reach the page directly at this link: CU Fund - Family Development Center.

The contact regarding gifts for the Family Development Center is Diane Dickerson, Business Services Senior Professional, University Advancement Development, 719-255-5101. You may call Ida Bauer, Director of the Family Development Center, at 719-255-3483.

Even small donations make a difference. Your support on behalf of children and families is greatly appreciated.