Special Experiences for Children and Families
Special experiences
Periodically throughout the year, special experiences are offered to enhance children’s learning, and to invite parent and family participation at the center. Here are some of the special opportunities that have occurred during the past year.

Fall Festival: In late October, children dress in costume and play carnival-style games, such as Scarecrow Bean Bag Toss, Bat Bowling, Squirt the Spider, Hide and Peek, and Squirrel Nut Toss. Parents are welcome to attend the festival with their children; others volunteer to run game booths.

The Children’s Garden: The Older Preschool class learns all about growing vegetables and flowers by planting, watering, weeding, cultivating and harvesting the organic Children’s Garden. Last year, the children enjoyed growing sunflowers, lettuce, tomatoes, beans and pumpkins, among other plants. In addition, preschoolers learn about ecology and composting through their gardening experience.

Smokey the Bear: During the month of October, we are treated by a visit from Smokey the Bear. Smokey and a fire department representative come to our center to talk to children about fire safety and prevention.

Week of the Young Child: During this special week in April, we join others nationwide in celebrating the wonder and joy of childhood, and in promoting the importance of valuing, supporting and caring for the children in our world. At the Family Development Center, our children enjoy special activities throughout the week, including guest storytellers or performers, a musical celebration including an all-school sing-along, Crazy Hat Day or Pajama Day, and more.

The Bike Rodeo: In the summer, campus Public Safety officers conduct a Bike Rodeo at the Family Development Center. Children are welcome to bring their tricycles and bicycles to school, where a simple obstacle course is set up for children to ride. Officers share information with children about bike safety and the importance of wearing a helmet.

All-School Children’s Picnic: One summer afternoon, the children share an outdoor picnic lunch. Two to three class groups gather on a playground, allowing children to get to know others in the school and to enjoy informal games and play together.

Classroom Events: At least twice a year, parents are invited into the classroom for a special parent or family event with their child. Classroom events vary from year to year, and might include a literacy day, special parent-child science or cooking activities, a winter celebration, a gardening project, and more. These are wonderful opportunities to become involved and to show your child your interest in his or her school experience.