Enrollment Options
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Class Groups: At the Family Development Center, children are typically grouped by age. Check the chart below to find the classroom for your child’s age group.

Schedule: Parents enroll their children for a specific weekly schedule, which remains the same every week. This ensures that space is always available for you, since it is reserved just for your child.

Full-Time vs. Part-Time Enrollment: You may choose to enroll your child full-time or part-time. Enrollment is in daily increments. Part-time enrollment is 2-3 full-days per week. Let us know which days you prefer, and we will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

UCCS Student Privileges: If you are a student at UCCS, you receive enrollment priority for available child care spaces, and you are entitled to discounted child care rates. Grants and other assistance may also be available to qualifying UCCS students to further reduce the cost of child care. In addition, the Family Development Center is able to enroll a limited number of student families through the Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCCAP). Call the Family Development Center or the Office of Financial Assistance for more information on applying for financial assistance for child care.

UCCS Affiliates and Military: UCCS staff, faculty and alumni are also eligible for discounted rates. Military Assistance is available through a subsidy paid by GSA.

Space Availability: Although many families prefer to enroll their children at the beginning of a university semester, you are welcome to enroll your child at any time of the year, providing there is space available in your child’s class group. The Family Development Center maintains an active wait list. Should your child’s class group be full, we encourage you to list your child on our wait list.

Call now to learn if there is space available for your child: (719) 255-3483. If you are planning for your future child care needs, but are not yet ready to enroll, call to list your child on our wait list. This will help to optimize your chance for space availability when you need it.

Program Hours Classroom Ages Group Size Colorado Ratio* Our Typical Ratio ** Program Calendar***
Toddler Toddler 1 12-24 mo 10 1:5 1:3 Open 7 am-6 pm
Every week of the year
Toddler 2 24-30 mo 14 1:7 1:5 Open 7 am-6 pm
Every week of the year
Transition Transition A 2 ½ - 3 ½ yrs. 12 1:8 1:6 Open 7 am-6 pm
Every week of the year
Transition B 2 ½ - 3 ½ yrs. 12 1:8 1:6 Open 7 am-6 pm
Every week of the year
Preschool Preschool Younger 3-4 years, and Preschool 24 1:10 1:6 Open 7 am-6 pm
Every week of the year
Older Preschool Older 4-5 years, and successful in toilet-learning 24 1:12 1:6 Open 7 am-6 pm
Every week of the year
Full-Day Preschool 3-5 years, and successful in toilet-learning 24 1:10 1:6 Open 8:00am - 4:30 pm
During school year only; Closed winter and spring breaks, and summers
Summer Camp 6-11 yrs 30 1:15 1:10 Open 7 am-6 pm
During the summer

* The Colorado Ratio is the ratio of adult caregivers to children, as mandated by the Colorado Child Care Regulations. These are the required ratios, typically followed by child care providers throughout the state. The Family Development Center attains a higher standard, operating at lower ratios to ensure more frequent, quality interactions between teachers and individual children.

** Our Ratio is the ratio that we typically provide at the Family Development Center. We have set a higher standard than is mandated by the state. Research clearly identifies lower child/adult ratio as a major contributor to quality early care and education.

*** The Family Development Center is closed on major holidays.