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Planning, Design and Construction

The Planning Design & Construction (PD&C) staff oversees new construction, renovations and minor remodeling projects for the university. This oversight includes hiring architects/engineers, contractors and other professionals in support of these projects. The staff is responsible for ensuring that designs meet code and regulatory requirements and university standards. The department is also responsible for maintaining the records for facilities information including drawings, space data and construction documentation.

Gary Reynolds is the Associate Vice Chancellor for Campus Planning and Facilities Management.  He also is a representative of the State Architects office as the university’s State Delegate. As such, he is responsible for ensuring that the State rules and processes are followed and that our projects are constructed following appropriate codes and regulations. He also provides oversight of the Physical Plant operation.

Carolyn Fox is the Executive Director of Planning, Design and Construction and the University Architect and is responsible for the design issues of the campus. As such, she over-sees the design guidelines, construction standards, and the overall aesthetic development of the campus.

Brad Johnson, Charles Cummings and Sherry Reed are project managers and oversee specific projects. They work directly with the contractors in the field to ensure that what is being built meets the design documents and specifications.

Deanna Livengood handles the processing of all the paperwork associated with construction and renovation projects.

Mariness Falcon is our GIS/CAD/CIFM Administrator who manages databases for the department including our work order system, mapping, and Archibus which tracks space inventory for the entire campus both indoors and out.

Phillip Gallegos and Donah Grassman are our Administrative Assistants, assisting Deanna Livengood with paperwork, budget tracking, scheduling, and general clerical work.