Maps and Floor Plans


  • Campus Map - Suitable for publication in the phone directory, handouts, course descriptions, mailings, and other university documents.
  • Interactive Map - Interactive current map of the campus.
  • Designated Smoking Areas - Map of all current Designated Smoking Areas.
  • Interactive Historical Campus Map - Interactive map of the UCCS campus, showing changes to the campus over time. Instructions and details are in the "About" header at the top of the map.

Floor Plans

Floor plans for campus buildings are available through this web site. Simply select the building and floor desired to view the plan. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed in order to view floor plans online (please see bottom of the page for a free download).

Campus Statistics

Listing of construction dates, square footages, and room types for all UCCS buildings.

Academic Office Building (ACAD) (20)



Alpine Garage and Field (AGF) (110)



Campus Services Building (CSB) (05)



Centennial Hall (CENT) (10)



Columbine Hall (COLU) (15)



Cragmor Hall (CRAG) (07)



Gateway Hall (GTWH) (34A)

Department of Public Safety
  • Coming Soon...



Dwire Hall (DWIR) (09)



Eagle Rock Modular Complex (B201-204)



El Pomar Center (EPC) (12B)



Engineering & Applied Sciences Building (ENGR) (14)



Family Development Center (FDCT) (13)



Fine Arts Building (FINE) (205)



Forster House (FORS) (16)



Gallery of Contemporary Art (GOCA) (10A)

Gallery of Contemporary Art
  • Coming soon...



Gallogly Events Center (GEC) (11C)



Heller Barn (HBAR) (505)

No Photo Available
  • Coming soon...



Heller Guest House (HGUH) (501)



Heller Main House (HMAH) (500)



Heller Pump House (HPUH) (506)

No Photo Available
  • coming soon..



Heller Studio (HSTU) (503)



Kraemer Family Library (KFL) (12)



Lane Center for Academic Health Sciences (LANE) (250)



Main Hall (MAIN) (08)



Gateway Garage (GTGW) (34)

DPS/Parking Garage
  • Coming soon...



Recreation and Wellness Center (RECW) (105)

Recreation Center
  • Coming soon...



Osborne Center for Science and Engineering (OCSE) (32)






Innovation House (INNO) (60)



University Center (UC) 11,11A,11B,12A



University Hall (UH) (70)



University Office Park (UOP) 1861,1867, 1873

Alpine Village Housing

Antero House (ANT) (130)



Crestone House (CRES) (140)



Shavano House (SHAV) (135)



Summit Village Housing

Aspen House (ASP) (27)



Breckenridge House (BREC) (25)



Keystone House (KEY) (23)



Monarch House (MON) (21)



Steamboat House (STM) (26)



Telluride House (TELL) (24)



The Lodge (LODG) (28)



Vail House (VAIL) (22)



Eldora House (ELDO) (29)



Copper House (COPR) (30)



Village at Alpine Valley Housing

Cucharas House (CUCH) (145)



La Plata House (LAPL) (140)



San Juan House (SANJ) (135)



Roaring Fork Dining Hall (RFDH) (135)

Emergency Preparedness Floor Plans

Campus Floor Plans and maps can be viewed and printed on-line using either Adobe Acrobat Reader for ".pdf" files and Autodesk DWF Viewer for ".dwf" files.

Click Adobe Acrobat Reader to download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Click dwf viewer to download Autodesk DWF viewer


Alpine Village Housing

Antero House (ANT) (130)


Crestone House (CRES) (140)


Shavano House (SHAV) (135)