Campus Construction Standards

This resource should be used for all construction projects whether a remodel, renovation or new construction for the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs (UCCS) effective immediately on all projects. Any deviation from these standards should be discussed with UCCS Facilities Services staff prior to determining final specifications for construction. The contents of the document are continually being updated and expanded.

Please note:
These standards are only for use by the UCCS, its consultants and standing-order contractors. They are to be used as a guideline for all UCCS building and construction projects. Consultants shall provide project-specific documents and specifications based on code and engineering analysis.

If there are any questions or more information is required regarding these standards, please contact the UCCS Architect, Carolyn Fox, at 719.255.3588 or via email.


Intro Introduction-General Design Considerations March 13, 2013
One General Requirements July 17, 2009
Two Existing Conditions July 17, 2009
Five Metals March 13, 2013
Six Wood, Plastics, Composites March 13, 2013
Seven Thermal Moisture Protection July 17, 2009
Eight Openings April 02, 2013
Nine Finishes March 13, 2013
Ten Specialties March 13, 2013
Twelve Furnishings March 13, 2013
Fourteen Conveying Systems July 17, 2009
Twenty-One Fire Suppression July 17, 2009
Twenty-Two Plumbing Nov 30 , 2009
Twenty-Three Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning July 17, 2009
Twenty-Six Electrical March 13, 2013
Twenty-Seven Communications July 17, 2009
Thirty-Two Exterior Improvements March 13, 2013
Thirty-Three Utilities March 13, 2013
Division One Specification General Requirements July 17, 2009
Appendix 2 Recycling Millwork July 17, 2009
Appendix 3 Classrooms July 17, 2009
Appendix 4 Laboratories July 17, 2009
Appendix 5 Classroom Lighting July 17, 2009
Appendix 6 Vibration Criteria July 17, 2009