Faculty Governance

Photograph of UCCS campus

All faculty members are part of the Faculty Assembly. The Faculty Assembly as a whole usually meets 1-2 times per academic year. A representative group known as the Representative Assembly meets monthly during the academic year. The Representative Assembly consists of the elected officers of the Faculty Assembly, elected Faculty Council representatives, elected representatives from each of the colleges and the library, the chairs of all standing committees, and at-large members elected by the Faculty Assembly.

All members of the faculty are also part of the Faculty Senate which is a system-wide group. Meetings of the Faculty Senate are usually held twice during the academic year. The university wide Faculty Council is a representative group of the Senate group that meets monthly. This group is similar to our Representative Assembly. Our campus has three elected members to the Council. Our Assembly president also serves as a member of the Council. Basically the working groups are our own Representative Assembly and the system-wide Faculty Council. Our Assembly president is a member of the Deans’ Council. Opportunities to serve on campus and university wide committees are numerous.

The Faculty Assembly President receives numerous requests throughout the year for faculty representatives for committees. Please don’t hesitate to respond to a call for volunteers!

2016-2017  Officers and Representatives


President: Barbara Prinari 
President-Elect: Maja Krakowiak
Past President: Monique French
Secretary: Norah Mazel
Admin Assistant: Sue Myers

Faculty Council

Monica Yoo, EDU
Carmen Stavrositu, LAS
Sue Byerley, LIB

Elected Representatives

Jay Dawes, Beth-El
Kerry Peterson, Beth-El
Matt Metzger, BUS
Jill Bradley-Geist, BUS
Lori Notestine, EDU
Joe Wehrman, EDU
Jugal Kalita, EAS
Pam Carter, EAS
Michelle Dorne, LAS
Suzanne Cook, LAS
Ann Amicucci, LAS
David Havlick, LAS
Stephen Carter, LAS
Leilani Feliciano, LAS
Kacey Ross, LAS
Christi Piper, LIB
Michael Landon-Murray, SPA

Committee Chairs

EPUS: Mark Malone
Personnel & Benefits: Tom Zwirlein
Budget: Bob Durham, Sue Byerley, Rhonda Glazier
Non-Tenure Track Faculty: Christine Robinson
Misconduct in Research: Kelli Klebe
Minority Affairs: Jeff Montez de Oca, Stephany Spaulding
Women's Committee: Catherine Grandorff
Teaching With Technology: Dave Anderson
Library: Benjamin Syn
Intercollegiate Athletics: Jackie Berning
Sustainability: David Havlick
PRIDE: Dena R. Samuels, Emilie Vrbancic