Online Course Enhancement Grants


The Faculty Resource Center provides grants for the purpose of helping faculty members enhance their online courses. A limited number of proposals will be funded.


Anyone who has taught an online course at UCCS is eligible to apply, including full time, part time, and honoraria faculty, and faculty with special appointments.


The grant recipient will work with an Instructional Designer in the Faculty Resource Center to incorporate best practices in teaching online. Faculty members must:

  1. Have taught the course online for a minimum of one semester
  2. Plan to enhance the course according to the Quality Matters rubric through the Teaching Online Certificate Program during the summer of 2014
  3. Undergo a Quality Matters Review
  4. Teach the course online in the fall of 2014 or the spring of 2015

The proposal should address the above requirements, as well as one or more of the following criteria:

  1. Incorporating effective student-faculty and student-student communication
  2. Integrating reflective or collaborative learning experiences
  3. Preparing opportunities in which students learn through complex problems and real-world challenges using problem-based and inquiry-based strategies
  4. Measuring learning through challenging and engaging assessments and rubrics
  5. Using media/technology in engaging and effective ways


Please submit a proposal outlining the above requirements and criteria, keeping the complete proposal package to three pages in length. Proposals must be submitted electronically to


The $3,000 grant will be paid in three phases: $1,500 at the start of the program; $1,000 upon completion of the Certificate Program; and $500 upon completion of the Quality Matters Review. Recipients may elect to receive this either as additional pay (minus taxes) or as a professional development fund.

Application Deadline


The Faculty Resource Center will announce the grant winners in a timely manner.

Questions? Contact: David Anderson, Chair of the Faculty Awards Committee