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Extended Studies

High School Program: CU Succeed

Honorarium Faculty Appointment Instructions

Thank you for your interest in becoming an instructor in the University of Colorado Colorado Springs CU Succeed Program.

To receive an honorarium appointment in their appropriate discipline department at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs, instructors must:
  • Possess a Master's degree in the field they want to teach or a closely related field
  • Teaching experience suitable for appointment in the Department
If you wish to be considered for an honorarium faculty appointment in the CU Succeed Program, please submit the following information:
  1. Fill out Honorarium Faculty Appointment Form in Word Document.
  2. Current Vita:
    List degrees, dates, major field(s), institutions attended, and titles of thesis and/or dissertation if applicable. List any meetings, courses, workshops, or symposia related to this teaching endeavor which you have recently attended. You need not furnish transcripts of coursework unless specifically requested to do so by the CU - Succeed program coordinator.
    Describe the teaching appointments/assignments that are most relevant to the appointment sought. Include a brief description of teaching employment history, courses taught (including number of times each course has been taught), level of instruction, and any other information germane to the CU - Succeed program.
    List names, titles, addresses, and phone numbers of three individuals who are familiar with your educational background and teaching ability. Preferably one of these should be the principal or other administrator in your high school. These individuals will be contacted at the discretion of the University of Colorado Colorado Springs appropriate department. You need not request letters of recommendation from these individuals.
  3. Course Syllabus including topics covered

Application Deadlines

For a smooth process, it is best to submit all required application materials at one time.




2013-2014 Academic Year September 1, 2013 CU Succeed Program
Campus Wide Extended Studies
University of Colorado Colorado Springs
1420 Austin Bluffs Pkwy
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
FALL 2013 April 1, 2013
SPRING 2014 September 1, 2013

Once your application has been approved, please fill out a POI Worksheet to be submitted to UCCS Campus Wide Extended Studies.