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Extended Studies

High School Program: CU Succeed

Information for Students & Parents

CU Succeed is a unique partnership between the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) and select high schools. The program provides current high school students with the opportunity to earn college credit while concurrently fulfilling their high school requirements.

CU Succeed Platinum Courses- For D20 Students Only

CU Succeed PLATINUM is a unique partnership between the University of Colorado Colorado Springs (UCCS) and select high schools.
  • Fall 2015 classes are taught at The Academy Online Pilot Program Modular Classrooms on the PCHS Campus (10750 Thunder Mountain Ave, Colorado Springs, CO)
  • Classes are for D20 students only
  • Cost: $75 per course
  • See your school counselor
  • Registration deadline: August 24, 2015
  • How To Apply to CU Succeed- video
ANTH 1040 Class #39610
Intro to Cultural Anthropology
3 Credits
Day: Tuesday
Time: 4:30pm-7:00pm
Dates: 9/1/15 - 12/15/15
Introduction to the major aspects of culture, such as social organization, law, religion, and language. Approved for LAS Social Science area and Global Awareness requirements. Approved for Compass Curriculum requirement: Inclusiveness (Global/Diversity); Explore: Society, Institutions, and Health. GT-SS3.
CJ 1002 Class #39611
CSI: Fact or Fantasy?
3 Credits
Day: Wednesday
Time: 4:30pm-7:00pm
Dates: 9/2/15 - 12/16/15
The prevalence and popularity of movies and television shows dealing with forensic investigation of crimes has created a gap between reality and fantasy. This course exposes some of the inaccuracies, exaggerated uses, and interpretation of forensic tools.
COMM 2100 Class #39625
Public Speaking
3 Credits
Day: Monday
Time: 4:30pm-7:00pm
Dates: 8/30/15 - 12/14/15
A lecture-recitation approach to the basic principles of speechmaking. Intended to give students basic information for the preparation and delivery of a variety of public presentations. Approved for LAS Oral Communication requirement. Approved for Compass Curriculum requirement: Explore-Society, Health and Behavior
HSCI 1020 Class #39612
Personal Fitness & Wellness
3 Credits
Day: Thursday
Time: 4:30pm-7:00pm
Dates: 9/3/15 - 12/17/15
HYBRID: Class meets in person (9/3, 9/24/ 10/1, 10/8, and 10/29) and the rest online. Investigates the value of six components of wellness: physical, social, intellectual, environmental, spiritual, and emotional. Activities include the development of tools and strategies to improve personal fitness levels, nutrition status, stress management, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle throughout the lifespan. Approved for Compass Curriculum requirement: Explore: Society, Institutions, and Health.

Benefits of the CU Succeed Program

Accessibility and Convenience
Courses are offered at your high school during regular school periods.
Low Tuition
Tuition for CU Succeed courses is substantially lower than that charged for the same course on the UCCS campus.
Dual High School and College Credit
You can earn college credits at the same time you satisfy high school requirements, saving time and money in completing a college degree. Dual Credit Enrollment forms must be turned in to course instructor.


The tuition for CU Succeed courses is $50 per credit hour plus a $2 per credit hour SIS administrative fee (i.e. 3-credit course $156). This fee is substantially less than if the course was taken on the UCCS campus.
Credit Card/Debit Card Transactions
Beginning in August 2013, a service fee on credit card/debit card transactions in the amount of 2.75% of the credit card/debit card payment will be charged on your student account. Visit Bursar Office for additional information.

Note: Your school may also require you to pay for textbooks and other course materials.