Exception OWA Access

PLEASE NOTE:  This process will only work if you have been given access to the Generic/Exception Account.  If you have not been given access to the account please contact the account owner. 

Step 1.

Sign into Outlook Web App (OWA) via https://exchange.uccs.edu with your Username and Password

Sign In

 Step 2.

Once you have signed in look in the top right corner of the screen and you should see your name. 

Click on your name


Select Open Other Mailbox from the menu

 Open Mailbox

Step 3.

You will then be presented with the Open Other Mailbox window.

Type the email address or name of the mailbox you wish to open. 

 Type Name

Then click Open...

Step 4.

The page will reload and you will notice the name changed from yours to the account you just typed. 

You can now access the inbox, calendar and contacts just like you would with your email account. 

 Name Switch

To switch back to your account simply repeat the process but list your name instead of the Generic/Exception account. 

If you receive an error message you do not have access to the mailbox.  Please contact the account owner for access.