Student Employee Exchange Accounts

Students personal email addresses will not be migrated to the Exchange server.  However, several departments require their students to schedule meetings and view others calendars.  This is where Student Employee Exchange accounts will be used. 

IT will be offering department specific student accounts on the Exchange server.  These accounts will reside with the position within the department, not the individual student employee.  Therefore, when the student leaves the department or the University, all of the work related emails and calendar information will remain in the department specific account, not the in the student employees personal email. 

What is the Username?

The naming convention of the accounts will be the following: ST-AAA00

  • ST- Will represent all Student Exchange Accounts
  • AAA will be the 2 or 3 letter department appreviation
  • 00 will be the number of the account, this will allow for up to 99 student employee accounts per department. 

For example a student in Information Technology would receive an account of ST-IT01, the name would then be changed to Jane Smith for the current student employee in that position.   Even though the account name will be generic you will have the ability to change the name to the current student employee and then change it for future student employees. 

Renewing and Maintaining Student Exchange Accounts

Anytime a student employee leaves you will be able to change the password and display name of the account and reissue the same email account to the new student employee. 

All accounts must be renewed on a yearly basis, you will receive a renewal email 1 month before the expiration date.  The email will contain instructions on how to renew the account. 

How to Request a Student Exchange Account

Click on the following link:  Cherwell Self Service

  • Under the Requests and Forms section select New Requests and Forms
  • Select the Account Management Service
  • Select the  IT Account Request form
  • You will be prompted for your employee number
  • Select Student Exchange from the Account Classification and complete the rest of the form.
  • Accounts will be created within 2 weeks, you will receive an email once the account has been approved. 

Management of an Existing Student Exchange Account

Please Click Here for instructions on managing an existing account