Prior to Migration

Once you have requested your department migration it will be added to the queue.  Your department will be contacted approximately 1 week before the account migration begins.  During this time we will review the existing computers to ensure they are up to speed.  We will provide you a list of action items needing to be addressed. 

 Mailbox Cleanup -

This is a great time to cleanup old emails and do some Spring cleaning of your mailbox.  Think of it like moving to a new house, you get rid of the old stuff so there is less to move.  We have also provided several tips on mailbox cleanup to help you with the process.  Please click the following link: Mailbox Cleanup

The more data you have the longer the move process will take.  

 Microsoft Office Upgrade -

All computers will be upgraded to Microsoft Office 2010 for PC's and Office 2011 for Mac's.  There is no cost to the department for these upgrades.  A technician will work with individuals to upgrade their computer. 

Windows XP and Vista -

IT recommends Windows 7 for all University owned computers, if the computer still runs Windows XP it will need to be upgraded to Windows 7 before migration.

 Windows 7 is not mandatory for computers running Vista but it is strongly recommended.