Mobile Device Security

The use of mobile devices has skyrocketed within the last year and integration with Exchange has enabled us to access more information than ever.  This has become a majority security concern for the University.  On February 1st, 2012 all mobile devices will be required to have a 4 digit pin code in order to be configured to receive University email.  This setting will automatically be pushed to your mobile device if it is configured to receive University email.


What does this mean for me?

Your mobile device(s) will be required to have a 4 digit pin in order to sync with the Exchange server.  This setting will be automatically pushed to your device upon initial configuraiton.

Important information related to the security policy:

A message will appear on your mobile device asking for you to set a minimum of 4 digit pin or 4 letter password

Do not use your University password.

If you have multiple mobile devices, each device will be prompted to enter a PIN.

You cannot disable the password or PIN unless your remove your College email account from your device

The maximum timeout before the device locks is 15 minutes of inactivity


What if I already have a PIN enabled on my device? Your existing PIN or passcode will not be modifed and you can continue to use that.  Some devices offer Pattern Locking where you swipe your finger in a certain pattern to unlock, this is not supported and you will be required to change to a PIN or passcode.

Why is this security policy being implemented on my personal device? University information must be secured on any device on which it resides.   Please remember that we are all guardians of University data and are responsible for securing information by not sharing passwords or leaving information in non-secure environments.

Do I have a choice on if this policy is set on my mobile device? Yes, the password or PIN is only required if you want to receive University email and Calendar events on your mobile devices.   Remember, if your device is web accessible you may access University email and calendar items through Outlook Web App at  Outlook Web App does not store mail locally on your device and requires its own password to sign in, so it is secure without the need for an additional policy.