Integrating Writing across the Curriculum


Please see the iWAC 2010 seminar syllabus.



iWAC Seminar Application for Faculty Fellows




Academic Rank:


Email Address:


1.     What course do you plan to revise with iWAC seminar support? Indicate what semester you will next offer the course and the anticipated enrollment:


2.     Provide a short description of the course, its main audience, and its role (if any) in your department?s sequence for majors:


3.     What experience have you previously had with integrating writing in your courses? (note that experience is not required for participation)


4.     Please indicate your commitment to participating in all aspects of the iWAC seminars including:


Attending all of the monthly seminars (5 total)

Required to receive the $500 travel/development stipend




Completing a course plan to infuse formal and informal

writing into an existing class




Implementing the revised course plan during Spring

2011 or Fall 2011




With the faculty consultant, creating and implementing

assessment of the redesigned course





Submit application as a Word document to by

May 28, 2010