Professional Development

The UCCS Writing Program's philosophy on professional development aligns with the Conference on College Composition and Communication's (CCCC) expectations. As articulated in the CCCC Position Statement on the Preparation and Professional Development of Teachers of Writing, writing instructors need practical and theoretical knowledge of writing and writing instruction to provide effective instruction in the classroom. Writing programs that meet the standards of excellence in professional development initiatives can achieve national recognition. One standard for achieving recognition, as presented in the CCCC Writing Program Certificate of Excellence statement, is a demonstration of "ongoing professional development for faculty of all ranks . . . ." Therefore, development expectations are an integral part of the UCCS writing faculty's teaching contracts.


Mandatory Participation in monthly development meetings

As part of their teaching contracts, writing faculty are expected to attend monthly development sessions. The focus of these sessions changes from year to year based on faculty needs and curricular developments, but the sessions are intended to develop the faculty's practical and theoretical knowledge of writing, rhetoric, and pedagogy through readings, workshops, and activities and assignments. Writing faculty often lead activities during the sessions as well.

  In the past, development meetings have focused on topics such as the following:

  • Curriculum development for English 1310 and 1410: selecting student readings for inclusion in the Language Matters text; designing topical units, such as Language, Literacy, and Technologies; developing assignment sheets and sequences; and crafting end-of-semester assessment outcomes; using program-wide technologies.
  • Strategies for meeting specific student needs and expectations: addressing the challenges of post- traumatic stress disorder; meeting the needs of ESL students

Stipends for professional conferences and graduate-level coursework

Faculty can seek professional development in a variety of ways in addition to the program's monthly meetings. Writing faculty who submit conference proposals that are accepted are eligible for travel stipends as the program's budget allows. Additionally, faculty who enroll in graduate-level coursework on the UCCS campus or at a graduate degree granting institution are eligible for a $500 development stipend. To receive this stipend, faculty must complete coursework with a C or better.