Annual Merit Review

At the beginning of each calendar year, all writing faculty are required to draft and submit an annual merit review that details their teaching experiences and professional development initiatives for the preceding calendar year.

The merit review is used to assess faculty development and progress throughout the calendar year. Based on their level of development and progress, faculty are eligible for merit-based pay raises. Therefore, writing faculty should use the review process as an opportunity to reflect on and showcase their academic work: curricular goals, objectives, and developments; teaching achievements and challenges in meeting those goals, objectives, and developments; plans for curricular improvement, and professional development related to the classroom. In short, faculty should engage in extended reflection on their teaching practices and professional development work to show their engagement with their courses, students, and profession.   A fairly new component is the FRPA entry on the UCCS website.  Watch for FERPA instructions.

Topics to address in the annual merit review:

  • Identification of courses taught and course-specific goals and objectives
  • Narrative of the successes, challenges, and outcomes of meeting course-specific goals and objectives
  • Identification of strategies and plans for improving course-specific content, goals, and objectives (in future semesters)Identification of and reflection on completed professional development initiatives and their impact on classroom performance and student success

Note: Non-tenure track faculty are not required to participate in "service" initiatives (i.e. committee work)  by contract, but service initiatives can still be addressed in annual merit reviews and count toward overall merit scores.

Tips for preparing the annual merit review:

  • Maintain a teaching log throughout the calendar year, articulating goals and objectives for each course, challenges, successes, ideas for improvement
  • Save syllabi for courses taught in the spring, summer, and fall semesters for inclusion in the reviewSave FCQ's for all courses taught in the spring, summer, and fall semesters for inclusion in the review; save information from
  • Track all professional development initiatives completed throughout the spring, summer, and fall semesters for inclusion in the review
  • Consult with the Director to address any questions or concerns throughout the review process