Absences, Class Cancellation, & Leave

Faculty Absences and Cancelled Classes

When faculty members must miss class due to illness or emergency, it is their responsibility to find a substitute or notify students of the cancelled classes. Faculty members should notify students via Blackboard about the cancelled class as early as possible, and contact Ceil Malek.  If you know a colleague is available, consider asking that colleague to put a note on the classroom door(s).

Additionally, after returning to campus, faculty members must complete and submit a Faculty Absence Report on classes missed form to the Director within one week. Copies of this form are located outside Rose Johnson's office, Columbine Hall Room 1045, or on the English Department's website.

If faculty members know they will be absent during the semester, they should complete the Faculty Report on Classes Missed in advance and obtain the Director's signature before the scheduled absence.

Unpaid Leave of Absence

Put the request in a letter to the Director, Chair and Dean.  The instructors will pay for their benefits through the Payroll-Benefits Services office.  Instructors will be billed for these benefits.