UCCS Writing Program

English 150 � Intro to Lit for Non-Majors

Sect 003, Tu & Th 12:15 - 1:30

Columbine 303

Fall 2005

Professor Quentin Martin

Office: COH 1035

Office Hours: Tu & Th 1:30-3:00 and 4:30-5:00 (and by appointment)

Phone: 255-4045

Email: qmartin25@msn.com or qmartin@uccs.edu



   �Fundamental literary analysis of poetry, drama and fiction.  This course is a prerequisite to all other literature courses.  Prereq. ENGL 131 or equivalent, or score of 29+ on English ACT, or score of 690+ on English SAT.�



            Primis reader                                                                          Rabbit, Run, by J. Updike

            Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger              Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald

            Children of Dynmouth, by W. Trevor              Death of a Salesman, by A. Miller



            Two papers are required, each worth 25% of your grade.  Each paper should be approximately 1,000 words long and it must have a thesis that is supported by specific citations from the relevant reading(s); we will go over a model critical paper as preparation. All late papers will be penalized unless you talk to me before the due date and convince me that an extension is necessary.  After being graded, the papers may be revised, though you must talk to me beforehand.  This revision must be serious and substantial, not a mere re-typing of your original paper with my corrections.  Your final paper grade will be an average of the original and revision. 

            Quizzes, which both �check� the reading and prepare you to participate in class discussions, will be a regular feature at the beginning of many classes.  These will constitute 25% of your grade and cannot be made up.

            The final comprehensive exam will be worth 25% of your grade.

The best way to succeed is to keep up with the readings and come to class prepared to discuss them and/or have pertinent questions about them.  As you read, mark things in the book that interested or puzzled or bothered or impressed you and then bring that up in class.  The more you involve yourself in the class discussion, the more you will get out of the class and the better you�ll do.  



              Any papers partly or wholly plagiarized will result in an "F" and may result in course failure and further penalties.  I do database plagiarism checks on random papers and any papers that look suspicious.


Course Schedule

Have the material read by the time the class meets; the italicized items are

the separate novels (and play); everything else comes from the Primis book


Tu 8/23                        Introduction to the course

Th 8/25                        Poe (129-31)


Tu 8/30                        Doyle (30-40), Carver (7-15)

Th 9/1              start STRUGGLES OF ADOLESCENCE � Updike (140-44), Catcher in the

Rye (to p. 35, end of chap 4)

Tu 9/6              No class � Labor Day Break

Th 9/8              Catcher in the Rye - finish


Tu 9/13                        Cather (16-29), Munro (119-28)

Th 9/15                        Joyce (102-06), Hemingway (91-4), Children of Dynmouth (to p. 31, chap 1)


Tu 9/20                        Dynmouth � to p. 134 (end of chap 7)

Th 9/22                        Dynmouth - finish


Tu 9/27                        Hawthorne (79-90)

Th 9/29                        Jackson (95-101), Rabbit, Run (to p.27)


Tu 10/4                        Rabbit, Run � to p. 230

Th 10/6                        Rabbit, Run � finish; Paper #1 assgn handed out & sample paper


Tu 10/11          Poetry Unit

Th 10/13          Mini-conference on paper #1 in my office


Tu 10/18          Poetry Unit;  PAPER #1 DUE

Th 10/20          Poetry Unit          


Tu 10/25          Poetry Unit; start STRUGGLES OF CLASS/RACE

Th 10/27          Garland (69-78), Fitzgerald (53-68); bring The Great Gatsby


Tu 11/1                        Great Gatsby - to p. 112 (end of chap 6)

Th 11/3                        Great Gatsby - finish


Tu 11/8                        Welty (145-51), Bambara (1-6)

Th 11/10          Malamud (107-18), bring Death of Salesman


Tu 11/15          Death of Salesman � to end of Act I

Th 11/17          Death of Salesman - finish


Tu 11/22          Death of Salesman � filmed version; Paper #2 assgn

Th 11/24          No class � Thanksgiving Break


Tu 11/29          Mini-conference on paper #2 in my office

Th 12/1                        Mini-conference on paper #2 in my office


Tu 12/6                        Poetry Unit; Poe (132-39); Doyle (41-52)

Th 12/8                        PAPER # 2 DUE; preview Final Exam


Th 12/15          FINAL EXAM, 10:50 a.m. -  1:20 p.m.