Mia Nussbaum

Mary Margaret Nussbaum’s poetry and prose have appeared in or are forthcoming from Jacket 2GreatcoatThermos, the Iowa Review, the New Orleans Review, the National Poetry ReviewCommonweal, the Beloit Poetry JournalNo Tell MotelVerse DailySalamanderThird Coast, the Mid-American ReviewAlligator Juniper, RedividerNotre Dame Magazine, the Philadelphia Inquirer and elsewhere. A former Provost's Post-Graduate Writing Fellow at the University of Iowa, she was the 2010-2011 writer in residence at Cincinnati's Seven Hills School.

Courses Taught at UCCS
ENGL 131 - Rhetoric and Writing I: Academic Reading and Analytical Writing
ENGL 141 - Rhetoric and Writing II: Rhetoric of Alienation
ENGL 141 - Rhetoric and Writing II: Rhetoric of War
ENGL 141 - Rhetoric and Writing II: The Age of the Machine and Its Malcontents
ENGL 203 - Introduction to Creative Writing: Poetry
ENGL 204 - Introduction to Creative Writing: Nonfiction
ENGL 205 - Introduction to Creative Writing: Fiction

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