Creative Writing Courses

ENGL 1800-1. Fundamentals of Creative Writing - Multiple Genres.

Designed to introduce students to the field of creative writing as an academic discipline, this course emphasizes the skills needed to write effective poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction. Students will study these genres by analyzing and discussing written texts and by workshopping their own writing.

ENGL 2030-3. Introduction to Creative Writing - Poetry.

For the beginning student who wants to write poetry. This course is designed to provide students with little or no previous experience in writing poetry the basic tools of the craft of poetry and a technical vocabulary with which to discuss poetry. Workshop approach.

ENGL 2040-3. Introduction to Creative Writing - Nonfiction.

Focusing on writing nonfiction pieces, the course explores this burgeoning genre, represented by literary journalism, essays, memoirs, personal narratives, and confessional writing. Students will write in these formats, and their work will be critiqued in class. Reading includes some of today's best nonfiction. Prerequisite ENGL 1310 or instructor consent.

ENGL 2050-3. Introduction to Creative Writing - Fiction.

This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of short fiction writing. Through the act of reading and discussing contemporary short fiction, students will develop the tools necessary to the craft, including voice, use of time, point of view, and character development. At the same time, the class will emphasize student work and the workshop, offer constructive feedback to student writing, and provide an environment that encourages creativity, self-expression, and risk.

ENGL 3030-3. Intermediate Creative Writing - Poetry.

A workshop approach for the experienced writer of poetry. Prer., ENGL 2030 or consent of instructor. May be taken twice for credit.

ENGL 3040-3. Intermediate Creative Nonfiction.

Focusing on personal narrative writing, this course explores the genre of memoir and autobiographical writing. This course is workshop intensive using in-class writing assignments, class critiques, close reading, and discussion of essays. Through memoir, students learn to lift the raw material of life and shape experiences, transform events and deliver wisdom. Prerequisites ENGL 2040 or consent of instructor.

ENGL 3050-3. Intermediate Creative Writing - Fiction.

Exercises in perception and voice and critical discussion of student work in the forms of fiction. Limited to 21 students. By consent of instructor only. Based upon demonstrated desire and ability to write. Workshop approach. may be taken twice for credit.

ENGL 3060-3. Special Topics in Creative Writing.

Creative writing workshop that emphasizes both reading and writing processes. Topics shift by genre and theme. May be repeated for credit. Prer., ENGL 1310, intermediate creative writing (any genre) or permission of the instructor.

ENGL 4100-3. Advanced Creative Writing.

Focuses on generating new material, revising existing work with an eye towards completion of a manuscript for publication, and furthering the development of critical voice. Students must bring a high level of dedication to their writing and a demonstrated proficiency in their craft. Workshop approach and independent projects required. Genres vary. Prer., intermediate courses in the genre or instructor approval.