UCCS Department of English Advisors for Majors

All English Majors are assigned to an advisor. Please meet with your advisor at least once per semester for help choosing your English courses, to prepare to graduate, or just to talk about all things English!

Dr. Lesley Ginsberg

Dr. Susan Taylor

Dr. Susan Taylor, Columbine 1049, 255-4034
Last Names T-Z; all newly incoming students including transfer students; all undecided students who have not yet chosen an Option in English Studies

Dr. Steve Carter

Dr. Steve Carter Columbine 1047, 255-4005
Last Names H-K

Dr. Alex Ilyasova

Dr. Alex Ilyasova Columbine 1047, 255-4037
Students choosing the PTW Option ONLY

Dr. Rebecca Laroche

Dr. Rebecca Laroche Columbine 1051, 255-4035
Last Names L-O

Dr. Katherine Mack

Dr. Katherine Mack Columbine 1043, 255-4045
Students choosing the Rhetoric Option ONLY

Dr. Kirsten Ortega

Dr. Kirsten Ortega Columbine 1053, 255-4034
Last Names D-G

Dr. Tom Napierkowski

Dr. Tom Napierkowski Columbine 1013, 255-4007
Last Names P-S

Dr. Ken Pellow

Dr. Ken Pellow Columbine 1011, 255-4006
Last Names A-C

Please note that your advisor may change on a semester-by-semester basis—please consult the English Department website each semester for details.