Department of Economics

Message From The Chair

Dr. Dale DeBoer

The Department of Economics offers a community of exceptional educators striving to provide a breadth of approaches to understanding our place within the economic realm. Our faculty explore the traditional branches of economics along with alternative challenges—from the Austrian School to the Ecological Reinterpretation—to that traditional understanding. We welcome you to join us on this exploration.

If you have questions about the program, please contact me or any of the department faculty. All of us would be very happy to explore with you what is required for a degree in economics, how you can build on that degree, or what careers are open to you with a degree in economics.

I look forward to exploring the economic world with you,

Dale R. DeBoer, Ph.D.



Public Lecture
"Great Myths of the Great Depression"
Feb. 9 at noon in UC 116
Details at


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