ECE Faculty Areas of Interest

The Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering strives to hire outstanding faculty members to teach in a broad range of courses. They are dedicated to teaching the skills that will be needed in the years to come. The following is a list of faculty expertise and areas of interest.

Carlos Araujo, Professor

Energy harvesting devices, RFID Smart Card chips and systems, heavy fermion materials and devices, transport modeling in quantum devices, bioactive arrays for implantable retina stimulators, spike neuron encoding.

Dr. Mike Ciletti, Professor

Synthesis and modeling of digital systems

"Dan" Dandapani, Professor, Interim Dean EAS

Testing and testable design of integrated circuits and printed circuit boards, IEEE Standards 1149.1 for digital designs and 1149.4 for mixed-signal designs, Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering education, Colorado Science Olympiad Tournaments as part of K-12 outreach.

Willie HarrisonAssistant Professor

Physical-layer security & secrecy coding, error-control coding, information theory, satellite & wireless communications, cryptography, and signal processing.

T.S. Kalkur, Professor, Department Chair

Microelectronics, electrical characteristics of BCTZ thin film, MEMS testing, modeling of ferroelectrics capacitors for analog applications.

Richard Kwor, Professor Emeritus

Microelectronics, superconductive thin films, sol-gel processes, synthesized buried nitride, rapid thermal processing, silicon carbide contacts and devices; ferroelectrics.

Yalin Lu, Adjunct Professor

Nonlinear optics and lasers, thin film growth and materials physics of complex oxides, 1D and 2D semiconductor/oxide thin film heterostructures, nanodevices, nanomaterials

John Norgard, Professor Emeritus

IR/EM magnitude/phase measurements, IR holographic measurements, absorption frequency turning with double layer ferrite stacks, IR images of EM fields, parasitic effects in transmission lines.

Gerald Oleszek, Professor Emeritus

Fabrication, processing and manufacturing of integrated circuits, semiconductor device physics, modeling and simulation, electrical and optical properties of semiconductor materials and devices, low temperature properties of semiconducting devices and integrated circuits, CCD fabrication, device and circuit technology, SiGe fabrication and material/device physics, CMOS submicron silicon technology, nano-crystals.

Gregory Plett, Associate Professor

Linear and nonlinear adaptive filtering; dynamic system modeling; state estimation and control. Some applications include the technology Adaptive Inverse Control, sensor fusion for target tracking, and modeling and estimation requirements for proper battery management of advanced battery technologies (e.g., for hybrid and electric vehicle systems).

Heather Song, Associate Professor

RF/Microwave systems, high power microwave and millimeter-wave vacuum electronics, microwave and millimeter-wave solid state technology, microwave integrated circuits, microwave power modules (MPMs), transmitter and receiver system employing vacuum electronics, antenna and phased array, power combining techniques, medical technology using microwave applications.

Charlie Wang, Professor

Computer architecture; I/O architecture; Computer networks.

Mark Wickert, Professor

Wireless communications, signal processing, real-time DSP, and microwave/RF systems.

Rodger Ziemer, Professor Emeritus

Signal processing for communications, digital communications including spread spectrum, cellular radio, and satellite communications.