EAS Suggested Laptop Config (Fall 2012)

Hardware minimum
  • 8GB 64-bit OS.
  • 160GB hard drive or greater.
  • 12" or greater video screen. Keep in mind "portability" if choosing 17" + screen size as these can become heavy when carrying around campus.
  • Any wireless network card certified after March 13, 2006 or Mac AirPort Extreme wireless network card.


  • Mac OS X and the MacBook Pro are very popular as a font-end device for engineers and computer scientists. Ubuntu 12.05 LTS Linux on an ultra mobile notebook such a Samsung, Acer, or ASUS is also very attractive now a days (verify hardware compatibility). These font-end devices are often connecting to back-end Linux distribution server/services for programming, modeling, and simulations.
  • ECE and MAE classes often have external USB, serial, and/or parallel hardware boards that connect to computers (your notebook or lab pc) during labs. Also, most of the ECE and MAE applications run on Windows or Linux platforms. Some students have Macs and manage to get by. Most run Windows.
    CS classes are a bit more forgiving with applications. Most code developement software used is either "open source" and/or will work on many OS platforms.