Student Policies

EAS Student Policies

Dropping and Adding Courses

The College of Engineering and Applied Science strictly adheres to the campus policy for dropping and adding courses (See the UCCS Academic Catalog). Drop and add deadlines are published in the Schedule of Courses each semester. Students will be allowed to drop and add of their own accord through census date. After this time, in order to add a course the student must acquire the instructor's and dean's signatures (of the college offering the course). For drops, the instructor's signature is required; if the instructor chooses to sign the Course Change Form, he/she is indicating that the student is in good standing and the drop will be processed. If the instructor determines the student to be failing the course, he/she will NOT sign the form and the student will not be dropped from the course.

After the 10th week of the regular semester or the 5th week of the summer term, courses may not be dropped unless there are circumstances clearly beyond the student's control (accident, illness, etc.). The student will be required to provide proof of these circumstances and obtain signatures from the instructor and the dean of the college offering the course. Failing a course is NOT acceptable as reason to drop a course (See Policy section for student-related policies).


All undergraduate students are required to be advised EACH semester (except Summer semester) before enrolling in classes. Students will be advised by their respective departments or the Engineering Academic Advisor. Academic advising is available throughout the year in the Student Success Center, 2nd floor, Main Hall. If you do not know who your advisor is or would like advising, contact the engineering academic advisor at (719) 255-3427, or for appointments, (719) 255-3260.


Graduate Advising
Students are advised by the chair of the graduate studies committee during their first semester. A student must choose an advisor by the time 12 credit hours have been completed. A Plan of Study must be developed by the student and approved by his/her advisor within the first semester of registering. All courses included to count for this degree must be part of the approved plan of study.

Scholastic Probation and Suspension

Students whose full-time semester's or cumulative GPA falls below 2.0 will be placed on probation for the next semester in which they are enrolled. Students are responsible for knowing whether or not they are under a current suspension. Suspended students must apply in writing to the Dean of the College of Engineering and Applied Science to have their suspension removed. In addition, students may be required to reapply to UCCS. Students who are in doubt about their standing with regard to scholastic deficiency are strongly urged to consult with the Engineering Advisor. Complete policy information can be found in the UCCS Bulletin, Engineering and Applied Science.