EAS Virtual Infrastructure (VI) Research Acquisition of Resources Requests

Education projects are specifically designated for class instruction or training activities. All interested persons are encouraged to review this guide prior to making submission; any questions regarding these policies should be directed to EASIT@uccs.edu.

1) Support for the acquisition of and/or operation of the EAS Virtual Infrastructure (VI) resources is provided by EAS and its supported departments.
2) Educational requests are to be renewed each semester.
3) Instructions for use can be found at the EAS IT website: http://www.uccs.edu/eas/eas_it.html

EAS encourages and supports the VI infrastructure for a wide range of purposes. In general, EAS VI policies provide for projects that (1) allow individuals or groups to pursue their science and engineering research objectives; and(2) support a range of educational objectives, from classroom instruction to training classes.


Three Clusters: (collectively = 244 CPU cores, 600 GHz CPU resources, 1.9 TB memory, 65 TB disk storage)

Instruction + CLaaS (7 x Dell 12-core physical hosts)

Processor cores: 108
CPU resources: 255 GHz
Memory: 704 GB
Connected Storage: 55 TB

Research Development (8 x HP 8-core physical hosts)

Processor cores: 64
CPU resources: 153 GHz
Memory: 512 GB
Storage connected: 55TB

Research Simulations (6 x HP 12-core physical hosts)

Processor cores: 72
CPU resources: 191 GHz
Memory: 768 GB
Storage connected: 65TB

This document is subject to change without prior notice.
* Required 

*PI Email
*Funding Agency
Grant Number
*EAS VI requirements to satisfy research requirements:
*Work Planned
*Does this work require intensive processor or memory usage?
*Research Assistants (RA's)