ME - Systems Engineering Program Information

Program of Study

The degree program consists of 30 semester hours of coursework comprising 24 hours of core program courses and 6 hours of electives.

Core Requirements (24 hours)

SYSE 5010 Introduction to Systems Perspective
SYSE 5050 Engineering Project Management
SYSE 5110 Systems Engineering Processes
SYSE 5150 System Analysis
SYSE 5210 Systems Architecture
SYSE 5310 Project Estimation and Risk Management
SYSE 5350 Engineering Modeling and Simulation
SYSE 5450 Systems Engineering Project (Capstone)

Elective Courses (6 hours) Student will choose two of the following courses 

EMGT 5020 Finance & Accounting for Engineering Managers
EMGT 5510 Leadership for Engineers
SPCE 5025 Fundamentals of Astronautics
SPCE 5045 Space Mission Analysis
SPCE 5065 Spacecraft Environment Interactions
SPCE 5085 Space Communications

All systems engineering students are required to accomplish a capstone systems engineering project to demonstrate mastery of the overall program objectives. The project is administered through SYSE 5450, which is part of the prescribed course sequence. The capstone course is normally scheduled in two parts – a two semester hour class during Fall term, followed by a one semester hour class during Spring which is devoted to project documentation and final presentation. Project topics are decided between the student and the advisor and will normally reflect a real world industry or community need and/or interest.

Once accepted, a student will be required to complete a Plan Of Study. The Plan Of Study must be coordinated with and approved by the Graduate Program Director. Students should ensure an initial Plan of Study is accomplished prior to program start. The Plan will also record the transfer of any credit applied toward the degree program; this transfer of credit must occur prior to the semester in which the student will graduate.

Course work must be completed with a 3.0 GPA or better, and all course work applied to the program (including any transfer credit) must have been completed no earlier than 6 years prior to degree completion. Up to 9 semester hours of graduate work may be transferred from an accredited graduate program, provided course work has not been used for any other degree, the grade earned for the course is B or better, and the course content has been approved by the program director.

For additional information, please contact the College of Engineering and Applied Science Extended Studies Coordinator at  719-255-3246 or email