EAS Linux

Getting Started Guide

  1. Linux Hosts

    This is the list of hostnames for the Linux environment:

    • blanca.uccs.edu
    • shavano.uccs.edu
    • windom.uccs.edu
    • eas-gcc.uccs.edu
  2. Using a SSH Client, such a Linux terminal or Windows PuTTY, connect to any of the host computers, and provide your UCCS credentials.

    Putty: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html

    Note: If you are Off Campus and want to log into any of those host computers, you need to start a VPN connection before accessing them. Instructions regarding how to set up and use a VPN can be found here: http://www.uccs.edu/helpdesk/off-campus.html

    Assuming you use the SSH client available in our Laboratories, you start it by going to Start -> All Programs -> SSH Secure Shell -> Secure Shell Client

    Once SSH client is running, click Quick Connect button and enter hostname and your credentials as required.

  3. My Web sites

    When you log into any of the Linux computers, you will see two HTML directories:

    • /home/username/public_html
    • /home/username/dev_html
  4. Both directories are created the first time you log into any of the Linux computers (an index.html file is also created under dev_html directory).

    EAS Linux Environment provides two Web Servers:

    Public Web Server:
    Content under public_html directory can be seen by typing http://cs.uccs.edu/~username in your preferred web browser. The content of this directory is open to the Web.

    Development Web Server:
    Content under dev_html directory can be seen by typing http://www-dev.uccs.edu/~username in your preferred web browser. The content of this directory is restricted, which means that only computers On Campus can see this, or computers Off Campus that have previously started a VPN connection.

    Although you can store data under your public_html directory, this data will not be open to the Web immediately. Currently, only CS Faculty and CS Instructors are allowed their web sites to be public. If you need your web site to be public, please contact EAS IT by .