EAS Cloud

Getting Started Guide

You must have already requested and have been given access to log onto the EAS Cloud. Many Engineering and Applied Science classes/labs and researchers are registered each semester.

  • Point your Firefox or IE (Internet Explorer) browser to https://webclient.uccs.edu:9443.
    Log in with UCCS username and password. Ignore the certificate warning.
    • Off-campus access if available via UCCS VPN connection first.
    • Adobe Flash 10.x or greater is needed to log into site.
    • Access via Mac OS X is not yet provided by VMware, but is in future development path.

Lastly, install the client integration plug-in and manage the VM by console. This is when Operating Systems (OS) and apps are installed. Note: There is not a working console plug-in for Mac OS X as of yet but is being worked on by industry. User running Ubuntu or Redhat distribution can connect to the console by using theses instructions: "Expanding the Matrix of Usable Operating Systems for use with VMware vSphere Web Client 5.x".