Notetaker Policy

Communication Access Services Notetaking Policy

Students interested in receiving notetaking services as an accommodation must first provide documentation of their disability and need for requested services to the Disability Services office. If you are eligible to receive notetaking services, Communication Access Services (CAS) will recruit student volunteers from your classes to provide copies of their personal notes.

Notetaking Services Process and Expectations:

  1. Contact a CAS staff member for each semester you would like to receive notetaking services.
  2. Requested courses should be submitted to CAS as soon as the student has registered for classes. If possible, it is preferred to have each student's required courses the semester prior. You may email your course list to
  3. CAS coordinates notetaking services between student recipients and class volunteers in order to protect and keep all parties' identities anonymous.
  4. Notes will be sent electronically via email unless otherwise approved by CAS staff.
  5. Inform CAS if you require notes in a particular file format so that they can be accessed with assistive technology.
  6. CAS will make every effort to send notes within 24 hours of the class, but there are no guarantees.
  7. Attend all of your courses to determine if notes and/or PowerPoint slides will be available to the class, mitigating your need for supplemental notes.
  8. Inform CAS if your class schedule has changed, if you no longer require notes, or if you have any questions/concerns regarding your notes.
  9. It is your responsibility to communicate with CAS if your notes are late or ineffective; CAS will work directly with notetakers to try to alleviate your concerns.

Please note:

  • Notetaking as an accommodation in no way replaces your responsibility to attend or meaningfully participate in class.
  • If you are able to do so, you are encouraged to still take your own class notes, and use notetaking services as a supplement.
  • Notes received are not to be shared in any way.
  • If no volunteer steps forward, CAS will contact the professor directly and do everything possible to ensure this accommodation.