Procedures for Requesting Braille Materials

  1. Students seeking Braille materials must be approved for this accommodation.
  2. Students requesting Braille materials must submit a complete list of the items they are seeking to Disability Services. This list should include:
    • Complete title
    • Author or authors (editor if applicable)
    • Edition /Publishing/Copyright date
    • ISBN#
    • Course #
    • Instructor’s last name
  3. Disability Services will contact various sources to check the availability of the book or material.
  4. If the book or material is available, the items will be ordered and delivered directly to Disability Services.
  5. If the book or material is not available, arrangements will be made to Braille the requested items.
  6. If the book or material is to be brailled, students must also submit a copy of the course syllabus associated with each request.
  7. Disability services will notify students as soon as the Braille materials are available.

It is important to note that Braille requests take time to arrange and are subject to delay. Students are encouraged to place requests as soon as possible. Although Disability Services works to minimize delays, it may take time for Braille materials to be completed. Materials may be available one or two chapters or sections at a time in accordance with the syllabus provided with the request.