Alternate Format

1. Students seeking alternate format materials must be approved for this accommodation with Disability Services.
2. It is your responsibility to request alternate format materials in a timely manner. We ask for the request 4-6 weeks prior to the semester. The following information must be submitted on the proper form (link to Alt Format online form) for each requested book.
• Complete course number
• Instructor name
• Complete title of text
• Author or authors (editor if applicable)
• Edition or publishing date and copyright date
• ISBN number

3. Disability Services will need a course syllabus for each textbook request.
4. The required books have been purchased prior to the request for an alternate format and receipts have been given to Disability Services.
5. UCCS permits the student to use alternate format instructional materials solely for educational purposes.
6. It is the student's responsibility to inform Disability Services of any change in class schedule or alternate format requests.
7. For more information and to discuss your alternative format request, we recommend scheduling a meeting with Disability Services staff.

Types of alternate formats that may be available:
• Audio Book - Learning Ally membership
• Publisher Electronic File- PDF or Word document
• Scanned Book - PDF or Word document
• Bookshare Files
• Enlarged Texts
• Braille

Read & Write Gold, ZoomText and JAWS are software programs available in the Assistive Technology Lab that will read electronic textbooks out-loud as well as provide notation capabilities. Students may use this technology in the library Assistive Technology Lab during library hours. Limited training is available through Disability Services by request.