Support Information

Confidentiality in the accommodation process must be maintained by all parties. Disability Services cannot provide specific information about a student's disability, however Disability Services can verify if a student is eligible to receive accommodations for a specific course. It is important that faculty maintain confidentiality and do not discuss a student's disability or accommodation request with other faculty or students, including discussing it in class. While some students may be more comfortable disclosing the nature of their disability, many choose to keep their disability private.

How to support students with disabilities:

  • Include a "disability accommodation statement" on the course syllabus.
  • In order to receive accommodations, students must register with Disability Services and provide you a Faculty Accommodation Letter.
  • Meet with students who provide a Faculty Accommodation Letter privately during office hours to discuss approved accommodations.
  • Contact Disability Services if there are any questions or concerns regarding requested accommodations or how to work with a student.
  • Be aware of your assumptions and personal reactions to disability issues (i.e., invisible disabilities or veterans).
  • Expect students with disabilities to meet the same academic standards as their peers.
  • When students fail to communicate their accommodation needs prior to academic problems, instructors are not expected to make accommodations retroactive.